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We're constantly asked if we have T-shirts, riding jerseys, etc for sale. We've been putting off doing something about this for a long time as we wanted to do something a bit more fun than just slapping our logo on a shirt. 

We have used a plethora of adjectives over the years to describe a trail, but regular riders will surely have heard the word "nadgery" many times. Use of the 1-10 Nadger scale eventually gave birth to our imaginary friend Nadger the Badger. Nadger personifies our approach to riding bikes. Nadger will try anything but sometimes falls off. He'll ride any trail but sometimes gets scared (then does it anyway). Nadger will bravely attempt the toughest climb (leg-length permitting...) but you may see him off and pushing. He takes the hits and comes back for more with only an occasional sense of humour failure. 

If you identify with Nadger's approch to bikes, we'll have a few Tshirts for sale in the chalet, but you can find a wider range of styles and sizes any time on our on-line shop (as well as some classic "logo on a shirt" styles too!).

We do occasionally have some riding jerseys for sale too, but stock is always very limited. 

Massive thanks to Tom Chapman for bringing Nadger to life!

nadger mock up_orange copy.jpg
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